Surge Protection

Surge Protection CalgaryEvery year home owners lose tens of thousands of dollars in home electronics and appliances due to electrical surges.

Power surges can enter a home through several pathways. In the case of lightning, it can take the path of the cable TV or satellite dish cable, through the incoming telephone lines, or through the incoming electrical service line.

These short duration electrical disturbance are not the result of storms alone but take place every day in varying degrees of severity through routine power supply to your home - this issue increases in frequency and severity as infrastructure related to power supplies in our cities become increasingly dated - prematurely reducing the life of your home electronics.

Point-Of-Use Surge Protection Devices (SPDs), combined with a good grounding system, should protect your electronic and electrical appliances from most electrical surges. An SPD does not suppress or arrest a surge; it actually diverts the surge to the ground.

If your home is not up to electrical code standards, Aames Electric can install a Complete Home Surge Protection to put your mind at ease.

Our Surge Protection Services Offer the Following Detailed Services

  • TV Surge Protection
  • Electrical Panel Surge Protection
  • Lightning Surge Protection
  • Electrical Surge Protection
  • Surge Protection Devices
  • Power Surge Protection
  • Home Surge Protection
  • Surge Protection Outlet
  • Computer Surge Protection